Bahía (2014)
Project, Works Management and Construction

Location Bahía del Sol Country Club, San Fernando, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Total Area 1,056 m²
PH Luis Abregú

This house is located in a 16-hectare nautical club with excellent views to the canal and its own mooring dock. It was devised in three levels, placed on the lot from two large volumes. The first one, parallel to the front, floating over the access driveway, is where the children’s bedrooms and services are located, and the second one, to the rear, in an L shape open to the canal, includes the social areas on the ground floor and the master suite on the upper one. A well-lit space is created between them, with a large inner yard that allows for the entrance of the sun in the center of the house, a sector that includes the staircase and the elevator.
On one of the sides is the driveway that leads us to the basement, a space that includes the service areas, four garages and a large playroom that opens one of its walls to the inside of the pool, not only playing with the views but also allowing for the natural light to enter through the water.
The main innovation in this house is represented precisely by the incorporation of the water from the entrance to the rear, crossing the interior as a permanent witness of its location by the river. Besides, the house owes its grandeur to the almost one thousand square meters that it occupies and its careful design so that it does not lose the contention scale and harmony that must be upheld by any single family housing. The façade shows privacy and solidity on the one hand and the rear is private and deeply related to the environment.