BTG House (Under Construction)
Works Project and Design

Location General Rodríguez, Buenos Aires.
Total Area 450m2

The shape of the volumes to use was conditioned by the crossed orientations and the form of the land: it is small at the front and larger and wider to the back.
Three rectangular volumes were defined, two of them lengthening from the front towards the back of the lot with a small one including a one-floor construction that works as articulation and access to the house.

The position of the volumes chosen aims at:

•Opening towards the sun
•Taking advantage of the best views of the lake that surrounds the house
•Orienting the swimming pool so that one of the volumes floats over it
•Closing towards the South
•Taking advantage of the main winds that cool the house in the summer

As regards the layout, we decided that the double-height volume would include the social area of the house, together with the study and a patio that allows for the sun to be present most of the day on the ground floor and the bedrooms on the upper floor. In another one, on the ground floor, the kitchen and the service area.

The design, mainly horizontal, is highlighted in its pure lines with straps and planes that go from the front to the back, generating a continuous whole of sophisticated and minimalistic design.
The swimming pool is a special item, attached to the double-height volume, lit in a special way so as to highlight the horizontal lines, playing with the levels so as to generate the illusion that the water falls onto the lake, merging into it.

The materials chosen were: wood, Travertine plates and plastic coatings of fine texture.