Hotel Mercure-IRÚ (2014)

Project Architect Eduardo Di Benedetto / Vanguarda Architects
Works Management Vanguarda Architects
Construction LZ Construcciones
Development Sindicato Argentino de Televisión (Argentine Television Union)
Management Accor Hotels / Mercure Hotels

Location Iryapú Jungle, Puerto Iguazú, Misiones, Argentina
Total Area 8,600 m²

This projectís architecture, characterized by simple lines, uses the natural environment in a search to integrate it into the eco-system, both in the visual aspect and in the effort made to minimize the impact on the environment. In this sense, the design responds to the constraints set by the jungle and joins it while seeking to go unnoticed. Its pathways are a constant lookout towards nature and its flexible lines and implementation aim at affecting the lowest number of existing tree species possible. Stone walls and wooden panels establish harmony with the landscape and the jungle is present through large windows, incorporated into the hotel life.
The main entrance is located in the center of the building and also works as a general connection hub: from there emerges the lobby, giving way to common areas and large rooms. All spaces are blended into the environment; the bedroom sectors were devised to captivate the guests with their views of the jungle and the corridors were designed as runways that go deep into the explosive vitality of the landscape.

Located inside the 600 hectares of the Iryapú Jungle, 15 minutes away from the Iguazú Falls and 20 minutes away from the airport, the hotel will have all the services of a top level international hotel. Its 100 large and comfortable rooms, carefully designed and equipped with modern technology, plus 12 exceptional suites, were created for an unforgettable stay.
The amenities, integrated into the design and particular landscape, include:
* Meeting Room for 400 people with state-of-the-art technology
* Relaxation room with Spa, Scottish shower and massage rooms with views to the jungle
* Gym with modern equipment
* Outdoor pool with bar
* Kid pool
* Restaurant for 200 guests with extensions onto the jungle and a pond with autochthonous aquatic flowers
* 3 Meeting Rooms equipped for all kinds of businesses

Aiming at protecting the environment, the hotel has a modern solar energy system that provides 100% hot water to the rooms and has a 715kva power generator set that covers the whole power demand. However, it also has an alternative system as protection for both systems.
The water supply is covered by two submersible pumps located 120m deep. It also has the facilities needed for the prompt supply from the public grid, which includes an additional water tank for water pumping.
Likewise, the hotel has a 60,000-liter water tank for people and another 75,000-liter tank for fire prevention. The drinking water supply has capacity for 48 hours of autonomy at 100% occupancy. This drinking water tank also has a purification plant.
In turn, all rooms have double panel insulated glass in all windows and the roofs are painted green in order to reduce the visual impact upon the jungle.
Besides, the hotel incorporated an automated irrigation system for the whole exotic landscaping area. It has its own water reservoir and is automated with moisture sensors for an adequate, controlled use of resources. Drinking water capacity with 48 hours of autonomy.
Finally, in the public areas, the hotel has equipment that allows to control multimedia and lighting in an integrated fashion. It has monitoring and CCTV, a fully integrated system for equipment monitoring and video.