Multiespacio Estrella (2013)

Project and Works Management Vanguarda Architects
Private Development
Marketing Degal Propiedades
Corporate Image Design
Vanguarda Architects in association with Abastográfica

Location City of Buenos Aires, Argentina
Total Area 32,475 m²
Photos Karina V. San Martin, Vanguarda Architects

Located in La Paternal, in an E2 district of the Federal Capital, these premises, declared in preventive proceedings since they are considered Heritage of the City, have their front façade on Constituyentes Avenue and the other sides on Chorroarín, Baunes and Tronador streets.
This construction, typically English, dates approximately from 1930. The original use was for La Estrella Chemistry Company, sheltered in this building that has several wings, separated by inner streets, but connected on the upper floor by means of covered bridges, in response to the need for natural light and functional connection between the areas.
The construction is made in pressed bricks with large iron windows and divided glass that allow for the natural light to enter the different work spaces.
The whole set is protected by its volume and a continuous perimeter wall. Three accesses to the premises are placed there so as to monitor the entry and exit, as well as internal movements, offering more security.
The designed project seeks to turn this space into an Industrial Hotel, which will have a housing service for companies, on a permanent and/or temporary basis intended for the light industry, logistics and offices.
The original façades are conserved and recycled and the interiors are transformed into flexible units that may be connected. The building structure is made of reinforced concrete, which allows for large spans without obstacles, resulting in flexible and versatile plants. This way, the client may adapt its area according to his/her demands and requirements.
This intervention will organize the complex so that different activities may be conducted; on the ground floor, deposits will be generated with their applicable vehicle circulation, logistics centers, parking spaces and process control offices. The upper floors will be destined to storage rooms and administrative offices. The complex will also have common service areas, with its own restaurant and bar, bank, drugstore, administration and green areas.

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