Dos Orillas Colonia 2016

Project Vanguarda Architects
Works Management Jorge Mezzorana y Asociados
Construction CSA
Development Big Ben Desarrollos Inmobiliarios
Marketing InterBrick (Argentina) Toribio Achaval (Uruguay)
Corporate Image Design Vanguarda Architects in association with Hachetresele

Location Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay
Total Area 9,200 m²
Photos Sofía Belén Photo

The city of Colonia del Sacramento, declared common heritage of humanity, adds a unique trait to this project since it is an international destination chosen due to its historic richness and infrastructure which, together with its peacefulness, cobbled streets and beautiful sunsets, make it the perfect place to rest.
Dosorillas is an exclusive Premium Apartment Condominium developed on the coastal street of the city. It comprise of 102 modern units of 1, 2, 3 and 4 rooms and will have all amenities and services of an International Resort: panoramic multiple-purpose room, with panoramic terrace and barbecues, exclusive spa with sauna, Jacuzzi, gym, in/out pool, solarium and a large flexible space that combines wine bar, outdoor bar, sitting room with fireplace, playroom and big gardens.
Driven by its design, its conception and exclusive location, just a few blocks away from the historic neighborhood and the river port, from the start this project has been created thinking about the union between the two neighboring countries.
This union is seen by their two coasts that, even if they are geographically separated, can feel the closeness and affection of the relationships between all those who pass through the town and those who welcome them.
The design in minimalist lines has been thought as a whole to enjoy the spectacular sunsets that characterize this beautiful coastal town, from its large windows, terraces and gardens or from its development on a natural slope that makes it possible for all units to enjoy them. Its horizontal and slim lines highlight the marine metaphor that inspired its design. The building aims at respecting the incredible environment that surrounds it, withdrawn from the front line and offering the urban space a large green terrace that is made public from its views. The prow, or tip of the building, extends to the coastal avenue and rotates each one of its levels searching to reduce the impact caused by the building’s scale.
The constant contact with nature is offered not just by the Río de la Plata but by an original pine tree forest that gives a fresh shade and adds the finishing touch to the place as a leisure environment.
In search of sustainable development, Dosorillas gives priority to the creation of a green wall towards the west with quadruple height and strategic windows that permit the use of the river breeze to push the hot air and expel it so as to avoid energy consumption. Besides, its horizontal lines take advantage of water collection areas for irrigation purposes.
Dosorillas preserves the value of its investment with the option of temporary rent so as to enjoy it throughout the four seasons.