Bora (2014)

Project, Works Management, Construction and Marketing Vanguarda Architects
Corporate Image Design Vanguarda Architects in association with Hachetresele
PH Luis Abregú

Location Castelar, Buenos Aires, Argentina.
Total Area 650 M2

While maintaining the original structure and name of the old Bora plant, the design of this apartment building complex was devised from the aesthetics of New York lofts. Attracted by the essence of its wide combined spaces, a single room is created allowing for the development of the different everyday activities.
The complex is located a few blocks away from the Acceso Oeste Highway side road and meters away from Sarmiento and Cañada de J. Ruiz avenues, which offers a fast connection to the main urban centers.
The property is located on a residential neighborhood with typical low and single-family houses. Therefore, the proposalís intention was to find a relationship with the environment through a house image and brick-like aesthetics, different from the traditional lines of multi-family buildings.
The neighborhood, close to Castelar and Morón stations, with quiet and light-flooded blocks, surrounds the project so as to make it part of its identity and history.
The distribution of the 11 units, open and full of light, stems from two volumes: in one of them there are four studio apartments, two on the ground floor and two on the first floor and, four two-room apartments, laid out in the same way.
The other volume includes a three-room apartment in duplex with terrace, one two-room apartment with terrace and another two-room apartment with a yard.
Average sizes are: 1- and 2- room units covering between 40 and 50 m2, roofed. 3-room units covering 80 m2, roofed.
Each unit has a private barbecue and, within common spaces, there is a swimming pool with solarium.