Qi, River Houses (Under Construction)

Project Vanguarda Architects
Works Management Jorge Mezzorana y Asociados
Development Big Ben Desarrollos Inmobiliarios

Location Santa Ana, Colonia del Sacramento, Uruguay
Area 400 m2

Located on the coastal road of El Ensueño, an exclusive seaside resort 23 kilometers away from Colonia del Sacramento, Qi is made up of 6 units of different types: one room, two rooms with attic and three rooms with and without attic.
The criterion chosen when designing Qis image was based on spirituality, peace and the idea of shelter as a strong guideline, inspired by the fascinating surroundings of El Ensueño.
The set of houses was devised so as to symbolically strengthen this idea and, to that end, we faced the challenge of articulating a building that, faithful to our style and with an idea of high modernity, seeks to establish the romantic relationship of the sloped roofs, the chimney and the woods.
This type of roofing allows us to have special views onto the river through the different visual plans generated without losing the concept of shelter and refuge.
Besides, the whole set offers different options for the entry of light and roofs that mark special and interesting scenarios. The image of grouped houses offers solidity to the whole set.
The contrasting effect between black roofs and light-colored wood strengthens the idea of modernity and spirituality sought. It is modern inside but it recreates rusticity through noble materials, such as wood and stone floors.
Moreover, we have designed the houses with the idea of optimizing resources in mind, since we have experience of building in Uruguay and we have combined an industrialized system based on iron profiles, with the traditional Uruguayan construction system, which uses supporting concrete and brick structures in its foundations.