Victoria (Under construction)

Location Mitre 2346, Castelar, Buenos Aires.
Total Area 3040 m2
Project Vanguarda Architects
Works Management Mz Mezzorana
Development Big Ben Desarrollos Inmobiliarios

Maintaining the name of the historic Victoria Residence, a landmark of the town in terms of events, the building was designed with simple and rationalist lines.
From the urban point of view, the project takes the essence from the town surrounding it and blends harmoniously with its environment, standing out for its simplicity and elegance.
Located a few meters away from Southern Castelar station, it was established in a plot that is 17.32 m. wide by 52 m. deep. Two almost identical blocks were projected there, set in a mirror fashion, one behind the other.
Both bodies are made up of an underground that connects them, ground floor, 5 floors and rooftop.
As regards the layout of the units, the complex has been devised in a modular system, allowing for their organization and combination.
The underground includes the Multiple Purpose Room, with an inner yard, barbecues, restrooms, kitchen, laundry and machine rooms. There are also 8 private storage rooms for sale.
The ground floor is free, comprising the access, 24 parking spaces, 12 roofed and 12 un-roofed.
In turn, the rooftops are divided into recreational and service. One is destined to household chores and the other is for sunbathing, with showers and a hot-tub.
The front block has 15 units of 1, 2 and 3 rooms and they cover 55, 77 and 130 m2 respectively. In this body, there are 5 apartments of each kind.
The back block includes 20 units, 10 of which are studio apartments of 55 and 60 m2 and, the other half is made up of two-room apartments with a 70 m2 area each.
Both blocks may combine the 1 and 2 room types, projected in such a way that they may also be expanded into units of 3 and up to 4 rooms to reach a final area of 180 m2.