Dix Appartments (2014)

Project, Works Management and Construction Vanguarda Architects
Development and Marketing AbDuch Propiedades

Location Pueyrredon and Alberdi, Villa Ballester, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Total Area 3,792 m²

Through its design and construction quality, this undertaking seeks to differentiate itself from the current market in the immediate area, positioning itself as the first upscale multi-family building in the local market. To this end, we designed a form that respects the environment, mainly due to its location on a corner. Through the synthetic folded walls we managed to obtain large glass areas that offer great views, ventilation and natural light to all rooms. The highest tower has ten floors and the lowest six. They include one-, two- and three-room units. The ground floor comprises the vehicle and walking access to the building and stores. The construction challenge of this project was based on the terms agreed upon so as to open and obtain the business permits of the stores before the whole works were finished, which made the development feasible.

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