Loft 61 (2009)

Project, Works Management and Construction Vanguarda Architects
Development Loft del Oeste SA / Vanguarda Architects
Marketing Marta González Propiedades
Corporate Image Design Vanguarda Architects

Location Villa Sarmiento, Buenos Aires, Argentina
Total Area 1,100 m²
Photo Luis Abregu

When planning the design and construction of this loft complex, the main challenge was to turn an old textile factory into modern and simple one-room lofts while maintaining the existing structure. The municipality of Morón used this intervention as an example of public and private management by using the construction code to foster the renewed image of the neighborhood. The complex includes 14 lofts, from 50 to 80 m², six three-level ones on the ground floor and eight two-level ones with double height on the upper floor; 8 garages, two decks and a barbecue area.

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